Reforestation Walk

Now for an easy walk. This track follows the contour around the Spring Creek Gorge. You will pass through many of the 25,000 trees planted since 1995. The high rainfall (about 2 to 3 metres) and warm climate make excellent growing conditions. However we also have to contend with weeds too. The best farming area on the property had been cleared but then let go to weeds and so 60 acres of tobacco bush and lantana had to be cleared by bulldozer. The ground was ripped to one metre deep and we planted thousands of trees with the assistance of the CRRP (Community Rainforest Reforestation Program). The work then began as we dealt with the rampant grass which competed with the shallow roots of the saplings for nutrients; cut the glycine vine by hand before it took hold of the tree and smothered it; and got rid of the tobacco bush and lantana that grew back.

This walk is possibly the best for bird watching as there is great diversity in the different habitats. The rainforest survived from clearing for farming at the eastern boundary with the Gadgarra State Forest. Towards this end of the property is good rainforest with fruiting trees which attract Cassowaries. It is very rewarding to have occasional sightings of a Cassowary as it saunters through our new forest foraging on the forest floor for the quandong fruit. The trees were only planted in 1994. Other signs of the Cassowary at this time are the scat (dung) and footprints.

The neighbouring paddocks provide good views for other bird life such as Cattle Egrets, Red-backed Wrens, White-faced Herons and other grassland birds.

The view across to the mountains and the Wet Tropics are wonderful. Dusk is a good time to view a lovely sunset from the Rose Gums sign.

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WALKING TRACK: Reforestation Walk
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

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