Waterfall Walk

This little waterfall is only 5 metres high but a pleasure to view in a pretty rainforest glen. Follow the left hand track from where the Creek Walk diverts to the right, and follow the ridge. This is an old snig track, which was used by timber getters to haul their logs up. Note the remains of timber cutting and the velvety moss covering the trunk remains. The overhead tree canopy and the poorer soil on the ridge prevented forest regrowth yet makes for an excellent walking track. The wide track also makes good viewing of birds as they cross and also mammals such a musky rat- kangaroos.

Not far along the track is a diversion to the right to view a ‘ring of giants’. These large trees are turpentines (syncarpia) which were used extensively as marine pylons for jetties and wharves. The ridge top is wet sclerophyll as banksias and cypress pines are dominant. As you look down the sides of the ridge the vegetation becomes more like rainforest. As the forest is not being deliberately burnt these days the wet sclerophyll is more in danger than the encroaching rainforest. A common ’nuisance’ is the wait-a-while vine. It is a climbing palm and the most visible palm here at Rose Gums. Beware its long tendrils.

As the track follows the ridge down you will begin to hear the waterfall. Take care on the slippery rocks at the top. This creek begins at the dip in the driveway as you drove into Rose Gums and amazingly has scoured quite a gorge through the countryside over the millennia. Just about 100 metres on downstream from the waterfall this little creek (which we have named Spring Creek) joins with Butchers Creek. There is no path from the waterfall to Butchers Creek as the terrain is too steep to make a path.
Over the other side of the waterfall is Wet Tropics World Heritage forest and should not be entered. The terrain is quite rugged and the ridges deceptive and it is very easy to become lost.

Just enjoy the beauty here and prepare for the uphill climb on the return trip.

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WALKING TRACK: Waterfall Walk
Duration: Allow a good 2 hours
Difficulty: Steep at the end near the creek. 
Return trip up hill.

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