Family Nature Activities

How do you nurture a love of nature in children?

Try these Nature Activities for Families for great learning, exploration, and fun!


At Rose Gums


  1. Experience pristine Australian tropical rainforest from your balcony at  sunrise and hear the amazing bird chorus.Bird call videos at reception free to guests
  2. View colourful Australian parrots, learn about the evolution of Australia’s  unique wildlife/ feed the amazing Australian Brush-Turkey at 8am every morning
  3. See up close Australia’s oldest and smallest kangaroo
  4. Walk on some of our 9 kilometres of our tracks through our rainforest
  5. Rock hopping at our pristine rainforest creek where platypus live
  6. Sit in a giant wooden chair and view the ring of giant turpentine trees
  7. Hug a 600 year old tree, our namesake “the Rose Gums tree”



  1. Look for the oldest mammal in the world, the duck-billed Platypus
  2. Look for the strangest kangaroo that climbs trees,  the Tree Kangaroo
  3. Look for one of the biggest kangaroos at the Mareeba golf course
  4. Feed the cute Mareeba rock wallabies  and turtles at Granite Gorge
  5. Swim in a 10,000 year old volcanic crater lake
  6. Visit a replica gemstone cave, Crystal Caves, in Atherton
  7.  Walk with an indigenous guide at Malanda waterfall and learn about traditional way of life.  Available Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 9 or 11 am
  8. Take the boat tour on a volcanic lake, and learn about the unique rainforest.


The friendly staff at Rose Gums are happy to advise on itineraries.

All children need supervision by an adult for all the above activities.