What is a treehouse?

The treehouses are pole and timber houses that have balconies 2 to 8 metres from the ground. The poles are from cut turpentine trees, an Australian timber which is used as the supporting frame for the house. Most treehouses are easily accessible with just one step from the covered carport and are 100 metres from other accommodation. 

Australian government building standards would not allow constructions similar to treehouses seen in South America and Africa.

What is a villa-treehouse?

The two bedroom villa-treehouses are the same construction as the treehouses, only closer to each other – ideal for groups, spacious rooms, closer to the main walking tracks, and reception for wifi. Balconies are 4 metres from the ground.

The three bedroom villa-treehouse is a platform house with the balcony 3 meters from the ground, privately set in a rainforest garden featuring a large romantic outdoor soaker bath on the balcony – ideal for the larger family group.