Giant Rose Gums Walk

Our property was named after the largest tree here, the rose gums, eucalyptus grandis. This short walk takes you through acacia regrowth forest down an old snig (logging) track, when red cedar and turpentine trees were cut about 80 years ago. The timber of the rose gum is pinkish when cut, hence the name. It is quite sort after for flooring timber. The flower is typical eucalypt, pale yellow.

The track moves from acacia regrowth, a pioneer species, to wet sclerophyll and rainforest. The giant Rose Gums stands about 40 metres high, but was taller before lightning struck the crown many decades ago. The tree is possibly 600 years old with a diameter of 1.8 metres and circumference of 6.2 metres. The tree is host to numerous birds and animals, namely Sulphur-crested White Cockatoos, Sooty Owls, and possums.

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WALKING TRACK: Giant Rose Gums Walk
Duration: Allow 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy- moderate grade

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