Day Five - Walking Treks and Trails

Mt Bartle Frere

Mount Bartle Frere is the highest mountain in Queensland at an elevation of 1622 metres. The approach from the western side via Butchers Creek about 15 minutes from Rose Gums. From this starting point (at an altitude of 700 m), guests can complete the climb and descent in a day (about 9-11 hours).

It is best attempted in the dry winter months, from June to October. Walking during the wet season (December to April) brings with it the risks of torrential tropical downpours, poor visibility and leeches. After the climb enjoy the view of Mt Bartle Frere from your treehouse veranda.

  • 15 minutes from Rose Gums 

Danbulla Forest Drives and Walks

The 27km (17 mile) Danbulla Forest Drive can take a couple of hours or a couple of days to explore, providing access to a host of picnic areas, swimming holes, camping sites and walking tracks only twenty minutes from Rose Gums. The gravel road winds through pine plantations and World Heritage listed rainforest along the edge of Lake Tinaroo.

  • 20 minutes from Rose Gums 



Misty Mountain Trails

Stunning waterfalls, spectacular rainforest, crystal clear creeks and magnificent vistas are just the beginning. Misty Mountains is Australia’s first network of long distance walking trails in a high altitude rainforest environment. Over 130 kilometres of tracks have been constructed.

Jirrbal and Mamu Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of the Misty Mountains. Several of the Misty Mountain walking tracks follow the ridgelines traditionally used by the traditional owners to connect ‘yabulmbara’, the coastal plain, to ‘gambilbara’, the rocky country of the tablelands. Access from Rose Gums is only 50 minutes drive.

  • 50 minutes from Rose Gums 


Kangaroo Trail

  • Rose Gums, where the Musky Rat-Kangaroo is seen every morning at 8am from the rainforest hide.
  • A 45 minute drive will take you to the Mareeba Golf Course where a mob of around 100 Eastern Grey Kangaroos can be seen under the trees between the fairways. The golf club asks for only $2.50 for visitors to get a closer look.  
  • Granite Gorge Nature Park is home to the Mareeba Rock Wallaby, which are very used to being handfed, and for a nominal charge you are able to pat and feed these adorable creatures.
  • Finally, the Lumholtz Tree Kanagaroo can be found at several sites around the tablelands; Malanda Falls, Mt Hypipamee Crater, Curtain Fig Tree to name a few but he is most often found all year round at the Nerada Tea Factory.   


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Mt Bartle Frere Danbula Forest Misty Mountains Kangaroo Trail

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