Day Seven

The Great Barrier Reef

As a world-renowned natural marvel, the largest reef in the world has millions of visitors every year. Several cruise boats take visitors to wonder at the coral formations and the sea life.

All cruise operators work out of the reef terminal and information centre located at the harbour end of Spence street.

It is possible to visit the reef in a day from Rose Gums by leaving just before 7am and returning to the comfort of the cool tropical highlands by 7pm. (Check with the tour operator for specific departure times.)

NB: You may not be able to use SCUBA / compressed air and then return to Rose Gums that day given we are at an altitude of 700 metres. Check this with the onboard Dive Instructors. No problems snorkelling.

  • between 1.5 and 2 hours drive from Rose Gums


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The Great Barrier Reef

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