Cassowary & Chick at Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat



 Rose Gums Treehouses at Night



Best of Queensland Tourism Experience

Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat was announced in May 2019 as one of Queensland's Best of Tourism Experiences.

We are delighted to be selected and especially pleased to share this news.


Amethystine Python ar Rose Gums

The female pythons grow bigger than the males. They are the biggest snake in Australia. This one is about 4.5 meters.





Cassowary and Chick

 After an absence of 5 months Casey our ‘resident’ Cassowary is back with his first brood of 3 adorable chicks, called by locals "stripeys”.

He must have been away in the bordering Wooroonooran National Park courting a female. She lays the eggs and then leaves, whilst the male sits on the eggs for 2 months. He then must look after them for one year.

Casey looks very proud of his young, and is often visiting the Rose Gums reception area.


Queensland Weekender Channel 7 TV Feature on Rose Gums and the Atherton Tablelands  16th February 2019


Visit from Kyoto

This month we hosted a group from Japan who are conserving World Heritage listed wooden buildings in the old city of Kyoto.  They visited Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat to discuss the treehouse design and building details with Jon, together with construction... read more...