Walking Tracks

For Some Adventure

Explore our rainforest walking trails to rainforest creeks, a charming waterfall & through our reforestation plots where 25,000 native rainforest trees were planted since 1995:

  • Creek Walk – 90 minutes return – moderate grade
    Look for platypus in our pristine rainforest creek which borders World Heritage Wooroonooran National Park
  • Waterfall Walk – 90 minute return - moderate grade
    Venture down to a hidden 5 metre waterfall, a peaceful walk through remnant Wet Sclerophyll forest; perhaps see the Musky rat-kangaroo and unique birdlife
  • Reforestation Walk - 40 minute return – easy grade
    Enjoy a relaxed walk though the new forest and study the Mullunburra Bush Medicine Trail
  • Giant Rose Gums Walk - 20 minutes return - easy grade
    Admire one of nature’s giants, a 45 metre 600 year old gum tree, home to much wildlife
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