Wildlife list

Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat borders ‘a million wild acres’ of protected forests so the wildlife is truly wildlife.

Platypus & echidna:

These curious mammals lay eggs. The platypus is often seen in our creeks. They are a little smaller than the ones in southern Australia since living in the warmer waters of north Queensland, they do not need as much body fat.

Over 160 species including the endangered cassowary are recorded at Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat. 
See Bird List & Specialty Birds for further details.

Kangaroos, wallabies & possums:
The smallest kangaroo in the world, the musky-rat kangaroo lives at Rose Gums. Other marsupials recorded are the Lumholtz tree-kangaroo, red-legged pademelon, agile wallaby, long-nosed bandicoot, green ringtail possum & lemuroid ringtail possum.

Other mammals:
Spectacled flying-fox, little red flying-fox, microbats, white-tailed rat, yellow-footed antechinus & Atherton antechinus.

At Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat we often see the orange-thighed tree frog during the wet season. Others spotted are – little red frog, green-eyed tree frog, common tree frog, robust frog,common nursery frog, graceful tree frog and the  northern dwarf tree frog.


Over 40 species of butterflies have been recorded including the largest moth in the world, the Hercules moth, the very large Cairns Bird wing and the brilliant Ulysses butterflies

 Wildlife images copyright Martin Willis PHOTOGRAPHS