Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat is uniquely situated beside the World Heritage listed Wooroonooran National Park. As Rose Gums itself has 230 acres of private tropical forests, the retreat offers its guests an unforgettable bush experience. There is a unique mix of endangered wet sclerophyll and rainforest which makes for a large diversity in the plant & animal life.

 Wildlife Viewing is held every morning at 8am, for 30 minutes. During this time, you will see the smallest and most primitive kangaroo in the world, the musky rat-kangaroo, and also the colourful parrots, the King Parrot and Rainbow Lorikeet. Listen to a talk on the evolution of parrots and kangaroos in Australia. Bookings essential. Limited numbers.


  • Platypus inhabit our large rainforest creeks and are often seen. This unique Australian animal lays eggs in burrows beside the creek and also feeds the babies milk. This very unusual animal is part of the family of monotremes, like the echidna.
  • The occasional wild Southern Cassowary may saunter through our forests, particularly when the rainforest fruit trees such as the quandong are dropping their fruit. Cassowaries are only found in the rainforests of north Queensland and their conservation status is “endangered”. 
  • Another endangered animal that can be found in the rainforest areas of the Atherton Tablelands is the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo. Although a member of the macropod family, it has developed strong forearms to grip and assist climbing.  Despite its size and long kangaroo tail, it is very good at hiding itself amongst the foliage. 
  • There are also other abundant wildlife species such butterflies and other unique insects, large pythons and other snakes, turtles in the creek and even the occasional dingo howls in the distance.Wildlife list

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